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Race is just a color, not an attitude.

January 9, 2012

The other day, I saw that many people were posting a youtube video focusing on the differences between black and white females.

Watch the video before continuing to read ——>

Watching the video made me remember the song Hold You Down by Childish Gambino.

In the song, Donald Glover highlights the how he is constantly being put down by black and white people alike.

It’s a telling account of his younger life, and it’s something I can truly relate to.

I’ve definitely been told on multiple occasions that I “wasn’t black or black enough”to fit the norm of a black person.

Here’s what most people don’t understand, there is no set mold for race.

Race is just a color, not an attitude.

How you act has to deal with where you’re from, the people you hang around, and the way you were raised.

It has absolutely nothing to deal with the color of your skin.

We have to stop this one size fits all matra when it comes to style, attitude, and race.

Everyone is free to be who and what they want reguardless of who or what they came from.

There’s a verse in “Hold You Down” that says,

We warriors, We all need senseis

Change everything that we’ve done so far

I don’t mean makin’ B.E.T. T.E.R

I mean just the way that we see each other

When I bring a child into the world, I don’t want he or she to be afraid to rock a Ralph Lauren polo because of fearing being called “too white”;

likewise, I don’t want white children to fear to rock high top Nike’s because it’s “too black”.

Until people have a personal connection with someone who breaks those racial stereotypes, we will be held back as a society.

Me in my hipster gear

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  1. January 9, 2012 8:45 am

    Why are you so Brillant 🙂

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