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Love yourself

December 31, 2011
Me with no make-up on

“Self respect first, sexy second”

-Lupe Fiasco

Self respect first

Me in my mask

I’ve never understood the fact that people would stive to be “hot” without striving to be beautiful first. There’s a huge difference between hot and beautiful. You can be hot without being beautiful, but you can be beautiful and hot. Why is this? Being hot has nothing to do with true beauty, hotness is all about attractiveness. For girls, it’s how jealous you can make other females and how quickly you can get guys to drool over you. It’s obscene, It’s upsetting, and it’s a mantra that really has to change.

Sexy second.

My favorite headband+my new favorite shirt.

Why don’t people strive to be beautiful? Inside and out. Beauty isn’t skin deep, it’s deep in the skin. See, the skin is just an outer layer of material that actually sheds about every 35 days. If you are truly beautiful to yourself, your beauty will not change with the skin that sheds. Your beauty will be deeper than that, your beauty will stay constant no matter how much your body changes. If you are truly beautiful, you will respect and love yourself, no matter what happens.



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  1. December 31, 2011 2:12 pm

    you are so right! 🙂 really inspiring post

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