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Friends, Lovers, or Nothing

February 20, 2012

Now that we are over
As the loving kind
We’ll be dreaming ways
To keep the good alive  

-John Mayer       

There is one rule about break-ups that I have had to learn the hard way: you can never be friends with your ex. After your relationship, the friendship matra is totally ruined. When you are in a relationship you are combining the two people and creating a beautiful thing called love. But when a break-up happens, that beautiful thing called love is broken, torn down, and ultimately destroyed.

Let’s put it this way, every time the construction company takes a bulldozer to a building, they ALWAYS create a completely new building. They don’t use the broken pieces, the same building, same construction, same floor plan, to create a brand new building. They start everything from scratch. Brand new.

The break-up is undeniably the hardest part of a relationship. The possibility of losing someone forever is the risk you take when you fall in love. It’s scary, it’s confusing, and it’s heartbreaking, but it’s true. You have to ask yourself in a relationship, are the memories that I’m experiencing with someone worth the risk of getting hurt?


Pain is an obstacle to paradise

January 15, 2012

When she was just a girl
She expected the world
But it flew away from her reach
So she ran away in her sleep

-Coldplay “Paradise”

I was in the hair salon when this song came on.

It was probably one of the most magical moments I have ever experienced.

My hair was submerged in water and being shampooed when I faintly heard the music come out of the ceiling’s loud speakers.


See, this was the first day that I had been out of the house since my dental surgery, and I couldn’t tell you how great it felt to just be around people and to feel alive again.

Trust me, after almost 4 days with doing nothing but taking pain killers, watching tv, and coping with pain, it was nice to feel normal.

This is one of my favorite Coldplay songs.

It’s simple, sweet, and to the point.

The song is about a girl who takes on too much in life, and it isn’t until she slips away into her dreams does she find paradise.

I think we can all find ourselves in the song for just a moment.

We all want to get to the point where we find paradise, but paradise isn’t just handed to us. It’s a journey.

Only when we release ourselves of our day-to-day monotonous activities do we find paradise. 

Sometimes it takes our darkest moments to find what we’ve truly been looking for, but in the end it’s not darkness we were striving for, it was paradise.

Pain is just a obstacle to paradise. 


Race is just a color, not an attitude.

January 9, 2012

The other day, I saw that many people were posting a youtube video focusing on the differences between black and white females.

Watch the video before continuing to read ——>

Watching the video made me remember the song Hold You Down by Childish Gambino.

In the song, Donald Glover highlights the how he is constantly being put down by black and white people alike.

It’s a telling account of his younger life, and it’s something I can truly relate to.

I’ve definitely been told on multiple occasions that I “wasn’t black or black enough”to fit the norm of a black person.

Here’s what most people don’t understand, there is no set mold for race.

Race is just a color, not an attitude.

How you act has to deal with where you’re from, the people you hang around, and the way you were raised.

It has absolutely nothing to deal with the color of your skin.

We have to stop this one size fits all matra when it comes to style, attitude, and race.

Everyone is free to be who and what they want reguardless of who or what they came from.

There’s a verse in “Hold You Down” that says,

We warriors, We all need senseis

Change everything that we’ve done so far

I don’t mean makin’ B.E.T. T.E.R

I mean just the way that we see each other

When I bring a child into the world, I don’t want he or she to be afraid to rock a Ralph Lauren polo because of fearing being called “too white”;

likewise, I don’t want white children to fear to rock high top Nike’s because it’s “too black”.

Until people have a personal connection with someone who breaks those racial stereotypes, we will be held back as a society.

Me in my hipster gear

New year. Old friends.

January 3, 2012


New year. Old friends

And let the evidence show, that the future’s so bright.

It’s never been more, not like tonight.

We walk into the glow, right into the light

The past all around us, the time of our life

Lupe Fiasco, Never Forget You

New Year

At the start of 2012, I faced the realization that I am growing up.

I was having a conversation with my best friends about our summer plans.

My best friend was leaving for college the next morning and we talked about the next time we would all see each other.

It then occurred to us that it wouldn’t be until almost a year later that we would all be in the same vicinity again.

That’s when it hit me that my life was forever going to change.

Old Friends 

New year. Old friends.

Take me to that old familiar place

Take me to memories we won’t erase

Take me to all that we had

Good and the bad

I’ll never forget you

I’ll never let you go

I’ll never forget you

I’ll always remember, I hope you know

– John Legend, Never Forget You

Throughout the years,

these kids have made my life so amazing.

We’ve shared some crazy adventures, laughs, cries, and most importantly memories.

I know this isn’t the end of our journeys together, but definitely a new chapter.

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Love yourself

December 31, 2011
Me with no make-up on

“Self respect first, sexy second”

-Lupe Fiasco

Self respect first

Me in my mask

I’ve never understood the fact that people would stive to be “hot” without striving to be beautiful first. There’s a huge difference between hot and beautiful. You can be hot without being beautiful, but you can be beautiful and hot. Why is this? Being hot has nothing to do with true beauty, hotness is all about attractiveness. For girls, it’s how jealous you can make other females and how quickly you can get guys to drool over you. It’s obscene, It’s upsetting, and it’s a mantra that really has to change.

Sexy second.

My favorite headband+my new favorite shirt.

Why don’t people strive to be beautiful? Inside and out. Beauty isn’t skin deep, it’s deep in the skin. See, the skin is just an outer layer of material that actually sheds about every 35 days. If you are truly beautiful to yourself, your beauty will not change with the skin that sheds. Your beauty will be deeper than that, your beauty will stay constant no matter how much your body changes. If you are truly beautiful, you will respect and love yourself, no matter what happens.



That moment

December 26, 2011

When you think you are all alone in life.

But then you look around and realize that you are unselfishly loved.

love always shines.

love always prevails.

It’s A New Day

December 26, 2011

It's A New Day

Don’t worry about yesterday